Human governments and big lies

The case of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the Book of Daniel describe a situation in which a government held up a monumental idol, a gigantic false god, a big lie, and compelled everyone by force of government to accept it, bowing down to it, committing themselves to live by it. This was the pattern of governments and empires throughout the ancient world, with vulnerable, little Israel being the sole exception. Israel alone, and only when truly faithful to her calling, compelled commitment to the real, true God, the God of the truth. And so the holy Scriptures demonstrate that human governments have a long history of holding up big, lying idols to the idolatrous masses. And yet, this same book of Daniel proclaims that it is the Kingdom of Heaven that rules over the kingdoms of men, even while setting as rulers over them the basest of men. How can this be? Except that it is written, "To the crooked the Lord's shows himself to be shrewed." That is, God is such a genius that he knows how to outsmart the wicked with their own head games. So God's people should not despair when they see governments doing similar things today. It may very well be God at work to subjugate the ungodly while purifying His people, giving His people opportunity to distinguish themselves as holy and separate and different and distinctly His own. Christians need to always keep in mind the goal of all things from God's perspective, which is the call out and to mature and to purify his own children from the ungodly world, called out from the world to become just like Jesus, the sons and daughters of God.