Abraham the sheep herder

Abraham is not remembered because he was a sheep herder but because  he was faithul to trust God. In Abraham's day, Egypt was the great world superpower. And to the Egyptians, sheep herders were regarded so lowly as to be despised, rejected from refined, advanced society. Abraham lived outside and away from cities, cities like Sodom and Gomorrah. So did Isaac. So did Jacob. Joseph and his brothers had their beginnings outside and away, as well. So did David and his Father's house.. By the time of Jesus, sheep herders were regarded as lowly while the academic Scribes and Pharisees were highly regarded. And yet people still name their children after these heroes to this day all around the world. What makes a man great, and greatly remembered, is not the way he earns his bread, but how he serves the Father God of Jesus Christ. And Sarah is remembered as the faithful wife of the faithful man, not as the wife of a sheep herding, sun-weathered nomad nor for any great talent or deed of a worldly life of her own. The World is fickle and delusional, they will discount you for your neglect of worldly pursuits but will name their children after you long after you are gone on to your reward from the Lord. And what can be said about those despised Galileans, those smelly fishermen or that tax collector Matthew, or that traveling tent tailor Paul or their construction working carpenter for a leader, Jesus? Faithful men then, world famous now. Those who honor God, God will honor forever.